Followers Forever Pricing for Justice Model

Thank you for being a part of the Followers Forever! Our pricing for justice model reflects our values. This is not the “FREE” model because that model can exploit users. YOU are not for sale. We will not be doing surveillance capitalism and selling your data. We have a minimum price point so there are no ads. We are protecting your power and your pocket. Please subscribe at whichever level is sustainable for you.

  • Affordable

    Access this powerful tool and we'll subsidize your use.

  • Sustainable

    Support our basic costs to run the platform.

  • Patron

    Cover our costs and subsidizes others using the platform.

  • Cooperative Member

    • Be on Advisory Board: We won’t be able to sell ourselves to someone like Elon Musk without the members agreeing.
    • Receive Quarterly Newsletter: Be informed about what were doing and how we’re doing it.
    • Access a cut of the profits in the future.